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Roleplaying Party Tales
Centered around a main cast of characters, everyone with their perks and peculiarities, who just want to live a "normal" life, even when the destiny (script) pits them into battles where they might fight for more than their lives. And this webcomic also contains a (maybe not so) lenghty description describing in detail things that may or may not be true, depending on how do you interpret "normal".

In a Dystopian society, a man wakes up, finds himself in a state of amnesia and painful nothingness of memory. In his instinctual journey to search for his past, he realizes that he is being chased by the "Kaiser," a mysterious presence within the borders of Nation which may be King, God, and Devil all at once...

We're all going to Hell eventually.
But what happens if you've taken a visit to it and a certain little someone followed you back on Earth..? CHAOS ensues.
Take a ride with Slayne, a killer-for-hire where everyday is the worst day of his life~

Data Chasers
( Updates Monday though Friday ) A webcomic set in the far future , where androids and humans live side by side.

The Descended
The Descended takes place in the fictional world of Soano, a world governed by a built-from-scratch RPG system. Specifically, it follows the quests and stories of three adventuring groups: The Outcasts, The Elementals, and The Latens, on their missions to become stronger for their own various reasons.

The Dark Blossom
When a meteor carrying the seeds of otherworldly monsters falls in the resource colony of Yplia, Axl the Firesteel Knight and his allies Samantha the firebrand sorceress and Giovanni the adventurer-turned-scholar are dispatched to investigate the outbreak.

Super Chibi Girl
Allison Fe'oma is a young journalist whose life was more than a little bit changed by a chance encounter with a space alien who happens to resemble a chibi. This is the stuff of legends.

The Acryden
In order to stop an intergalactic catastrophe, a team of unlikely heroes must travel across the universe and track down a dangerous magical item that has once again come into existence.